Mission Statement: In analytical chemistry, we develop novel methods to separate, identify and quantify matter. In order to understand the origin of life and environmental influences as well as health and disease states, we need to investigate and measure whole subsets of molecules in different organisms. The so-called omics kingdoms emerged to decipher the molecular code of life going from DNA, other RNA, proteins to metabolites including molecular subsets such as glycans, lipids or glycolipids.

Mass spectrometry in general, and high-resolution mass spectrometry in particular, have revolutionized the omics fields as major analytical tools for sensitive and fast molecular screening. Combining liquid chromatography (LC) and mass spectrometry (MS) offers to add the separation power of chromatography to the detection power of a selected mass analyzer by providing retention time plus m/z and fragment information. LC-MS has proven to be extremely powerful in the analysis of thousands of compounds in parallel for the fields of proteomics, metabolomics, lipidomics as well as multiomics, the combination of serval omics disciplines.

The aim of the Rampler lab is to develop and apply novel high-resolution mass spectrometry and LC-MS workflows in the omics areas. We are approaching different biological questions by our MS-based toolbox for example lipids involved in anticancer metal drug response or plant heat resilience and climate change. We see the world through analytical eyes and are fascinated by challenging molecules e.g. glycolipids, which cannot be analyzed by conventional workflows. Together with our network of national and international cooperation partners from academia and industry, we aim to answer the most challenging research questions and make waves in analytical chemistry.