Development of novel LC-MS based omics assays

Liquid chromatography coupled to mass spectrometry (LC-MS) evolved as a key technology in the omics disciplines due to its capability of sensitive and fast analysis of thousands of compounds in parallel. Multidimensional separation and novel fragmentation strategies enable the analysis of complex biomolecules in different sample matrices. In the Rampler lab, we develop innovative LC-MS-based workflows to answer biological questions going all the way from health and disease states to climate change. Our targets are different biomolecules in human plasma, mesenchymal stem cells and their differentiated lineages (bone, muscle, fat), the tumor microenvironment and plants. We offer expertise in general molecule identification and quantification strategies including sophisticated standardization approaches. Unique standardization workflows based on 13C-labeled yeast metabolites and lipids were developed in cooperation with the Köllensperger lab (Group leader: Prof. Gunda Koellensperger) and the University start-up Isotopic Solutions (CEO: Dr. Gerrit. Hermann). Using this unique analytical toolbox, we focus on LC-MS based lipidomics, glycolipidomics and multiomics workflows.